Newmarket Childcare

Newmarket Daycare & Childcare 

At The Grove Early Learning, Newmarket childcare, you can rest assured that your child gets the highest quality education. The focus is on learning through a variety of games and activities. The educational programs are designed to improve children’s learning abilities. All lessons are provided in a stimulating and interactive environment.

Our Newmarket childcare is a family owned professional early learning centre. Our aim is to nurture each child to the best of their ability.  Children are naturally curious individuals who respond well when taught things in an easy going manner. On the other hand it also helps develop trust and positive relationships with their peers.

What sets us apart from other daycare centres is our open door policy. We believe that any input from parents can only help us make better progress. We always appreciate when parents visit our centre to observe how their child is doing.

Also you can be assured that your child’s progress is shared regularly with you. We also ensure that your child gets the best kind of nutrition by having our chefs prepare delicious and wholesome meals which children love.

Facilities at Newmarket Childcare

The following are a few state of the art facilities at Newmarket Child Care


Our nurseries compromise of a calm and nurturing environment. The aim is to provide a stimulating environment for children six weeks and older. We ensure that your little ones are brought up in a safe and calm manner. We aim to provide a routine which helps improve a child’s mental and physical development from a very early age.

From a young age children are exposed to music, movement and art. All these in turn help improve their development.

Outdoor Play Area

Children love the outdoor play area at Newmarket childcare, it compromises of all of the following

  • Steppers and balance logs are embedded in planted garden bed
  • A water park compromising of sprinklers and a water play area
  • Play area compromising of tunnels, decks and climbing decks
  • Quiet area dedicated to storytelling and circle time
  • Sand area
  • Swings

Toddlers Programs

The toddler programs are designed to nurture and develop children at their own pace. The Educators make sure that they help each child develop at their own individual pace. They ensure that children are brought up in accordance with the routine set by their parents.

The educational programs are such that children can develop physically, mentally and emotionally as well.


Pre-kindergarten classes prepare children to learn new things which would help them during their admissions to kindergarten. Basic activities like writing and simple math skills are introduced.  

Children learn through a variety of challenging and holistic activities which help shape them into smart individuals.

Parental involvement is highly appreciate. We believe that any kind of feedback from parents helps us make our program better and helpful to children.

Children are taught to be vocal. Our Educators make sure they listen to them. Children learn to share things as well as ideas with their peers.

All activities and programs at the Newmarket childcare aims to develop your child to the bet of their abilities.