We provide the Government approved Kindergarten program delivered by a degree qualified Early Childhood Teacher. In doing this we are ensuring our children are heading off to Prep with all of the skills required to be fully prepared to succeed on every level.

Our Kindergarten classroom is equipped with an interactive smartboard and is a welcoming environment where children feel confident about becoming increasingly involved learners.

Through structured play, children learn to negotiate, co-operate, create, imagine, solve problems, discuss ideas with others, investigate, explore, develop literacy and numeracy and connect with others — including the wider community.

Play will always remain the main focus of our Kindergarten timetable, as we continue to support, develop and extend your child's individualism, interests, ideas and creativity.

We provide clear and regular communications about your child’s progress, routine and activities using Storypark. Our Early Childhood Teacher will also complete a 'Transition Statement' for each child, to ensure that there is a high quality of continuity of learning and your child is supported in their school learning environment.