Junior Studio

Our Junior Studio is a spacious area that encourages autonomy and exploration. The space encompasses two large playing areas that cater for a multitude of learning contexts to further develop the growing skills of our toddler group.

This studio caters for children agreed from 15months to three years and there is always a variety of experiences to provide learning opportunities that promote curiosity, investigation, creativity and more.

Our educators work within the guidelines of the Early Years Learning Framework to focus on learning outcomes and extending children’s interests through their love of play.

Educators work closely with you to ensure your child's needs are fully met and to keep you updated on their progress in our happy, play-based program.

We pride ourselves on creating a nurturing environment where children feel safe, secure and supportive while developing confidence and independence in their emergency abilities.

Our Educators will gain a deep understanding of each child’s unique personality, backgrounds and interests and plan specific play-based learning opportunities catered to each child’s individual learning needs. Learning opportunities are provided to build on and extend each child’s emerging intellectual, social, emotional, physical and language

Central to our warm and caring environment are the close relationships we maintain with all of our children and their families. Clear and consistent communication is key and we enjoy every opportunity to share in your child’s growth and progress at The Grove Early Learning and at home.

We look forward to working with you and your family in encouraging your child to become a confident and involved learner as they explore, experiment and investigate throughout every day, here at The Grove Early Learning.